Cast Resin Transformer

To ensure ultimate  safety  & reliability we introduce you Fire proof,cost effective, light & compact cast  resign transformer .Its unique Fire-extinguishing property & slim architecture makes you safe and saves you money…………………………………………cast resign transformer (2)

  • Cast Resin transformer is made smaller and lighter comparing with oil-immersed transformer. Thus it can be installed in slim type cubicle, which minimizes the installation space.
  • No insulation oil is required, so maintenance and inspection are easy.
  • Cast resin transformer is manufactured with vacuum casting method using metal pattern, its resin layer is thick and the surface is smooth.
  • The aluminum winding weights approximately one half of the copper winding. Vacuum-casting method realizes highly reliable, void-less molded winding with excellent partial discharge characteristics.
  • All winding conductors are molded. They have remarkable humidity resistance which prevents insulation materials from deteriorating due to dust and dirt during operation. Its molded winging is highly resistant to secondary short-circuit fault and surface cracking.Vacuum-casting process is carried out automatically with advance customized facilities, to manufacture highly reliable molded winging.Molded insulated parts are fire resistant since they have self- extinguishing properties.

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