Overload Relay


    TK-E Series Thermal Overload Relays protect motor windings from burning due to overloads, locked rotor current, or open-phases. The TK-E series with open-phase protective device includes the following features:

  • Maintenance and inspection safety has been improved by employing a finger protection mechanism to cover exposed terminals (conforms to DIN 57106, VDE 0106 Teil 10
  • Isolated normally open and normally closed contacts can be used with different potentials
  • A high-precision scale for the current adjustment dial enables easy and exact current setting.
  • The operating status can be visually checked with ease.
  • The relays can be manually tripped. A trip-free mechanism is also provided.
  • NOTES: Optional SZ-Hxx series base units are available to allow separate mounting of
  • TK-E series thermal overload relays to 35 mm wide DIN rail or screw mounted to panel.
  • 3NK Series – Thermal Overload Relays for 180 to 360 Amp contactors

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