11kW-55kW / 400V (Three-phase 380 to 480 V (with AVR function) 150%-1 min Overload tolerated interval: compliant with IEC/EN 61800-2)


  • EMC filter

  • Built-in DC reactor

  • ¬†Protective structure : IP55

Product Outline and Characteristics :

  • Optimum control by dedicated functions for Textile
  • Arbitrary change of spinning speed
  • Improvement of productivity through speed increase
  • Reduction of thread breakage
  • Elimination of maintenance work needed for mechanical reduction
  • User-friendly, useful functions, User-friendly keypad
  • Displays the regulator with the large-size liquid-crystal display


  • Present value (PV)
  • Setting value (SV)
  • Manipulating value (MV)
  • Frequency
  • Output current
  • Output voltage
  • Torque
  • Rotation speed
  • Power consumption
  • Cumulative energy



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